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>Gov. Parnell asks for your suggestions

January 7, 2011

>Give our Governor your input on the Matanuska Coal Field development in our Borough. Gov. Parnell: I am asking for your suggestions in Resources, Energy, and Environment

Article about the resource development views of Daniel S. Sullivan, Director of the Department Natural Resources:
Alaska resource commissioner Sullivan plans ‘engagement tour’, 12/21/2010

Daniel S. Sullivan is the newly appointed DNR Commissioner, State Department Bio, link to his extensive bio on ADN. Daniel A. Sullivan is the Anchorage Mayor.

  1. Earl L Houser permalink
    May 5, 2011 6:05 pm


    I would like to say, The Sutton Community Council Voted for the Usibelli’s Wishbone Project. “Great Job Residents of Sutton, a coal town of it own!!!

    *Usibelli, ” Strip and Dig away bring on the local Jobs”!!

    PS: I BCC’ed everyone in my address book “Have a great day!!

    Earl L Houser

    • Carolyn Carroway permalink
      June 22, 2011 11:10 pm

      What can you be thinking?
      Only a very few of these will be local jobs! Modern high tech mining provides mostly specialized jobs that local people are not educated for! This will be a shut-out, not an opportunity for us!!!!!! The Community Council voted for the Usibelli Wishbone Project out of ignorance, bless their hearts!!!!
      At the same time that new jobs for us will NOT be created by these mines, real local jobs such as guiding and the many other jobs in our tourism industry, not to speak of subsistence fishing, commercial agriculture, and our own precious freedom to traverse the wilderness, will be very seriously, very NEGATIVELY impacted by toxic, cancer causing, anti-future coal mining. JOBS WILL BE LOST, REAL ALASKAN COMMUNITIES WILL BE LOST, AND WE WILL BE LOST. And for whose benefit? China’s? Korea’s? Mr. and Mrs. Usibelli’s?

      Carolyn Carroway
      bcc’ed everyone in my address book

  2. Jerry McCutcheon permalink
    June 6, 2011 2:21 pm

    Read Rich Mauer article Sundays ADN — ” State policy puts scientists in bind ” Science will not count

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