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March 31, 2011

Email your Legislators with ease!

The online Public Opinion Messaging System allows you to send a 50 word message to some or all legislators. The system matches information from your voter registration and sends it to your legislators.  Simple and easy!  Remind them that people live right next to the two proposed coal strip mines at Wishbone Hill.  Ask them for a setback.  Did you know that Healy was built 5 miles UPWIND of the coal mine?

Better yet, give them a call: Legislative Phone Numbers.

Tell your elected officials that we don’t want our property values to suffer.

  • Who would want to live next to an industrial zone open pit coal mine with 360 earth & window shattering blasts a year?
  • Who want’s to live next to 200 coal trucks a day on a windy, winding, icy roads?
  • Who wants to live downwind a 100,000 ton coal stockpile?
  • Who wants to have an unlined coal slurry pond upstream of their well?
  • 855 people live in Buffalo – Soapstone Community Council right next to the proposed open pit Coal mine.  Usibelli Coal Mine Inc. purchased those leases after the Community was already growing.
  • 1440 people live in Sutton Community Council right next to two proposed open pit coal mines!  The community has worked with Chickaloon Traditional Village Council and the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Abandoned Mine Lands programs to restore the area for moose and fish habitat.  The millions of dollars invested were to repair and enhance the Matanuska Moose Range, not to turn it into a new coal mining district.  That’s history.
  • 80,000 people live in the core area not far downwind and downstream of the two proposed open pit coal mines!
  • Palmer’s City limits is only 5 miles from the mine permit area!
  • You can see wishbone Hill & nearly all of Usibelli Coal Mine’s 9 miles of coal lease areas from Colony Middle School.

Keep it simple: Coal mines kill property values.

The Matanuska Moose Range is a Legislatively Designated Area, legislators have control over that.

Coal regulations and authority are governed by legislative actions – legislators have a say in that – ask them to add a setback from homes – like Healy or better.

  1. May 5, 2011 7:27 am

    As a health progressional and parent I totally against the Chickaloon Mining projects. Legislators , how would you want to raise your family next to one of these coal mines?

  2. Earl L Houser permalink
    May 7, 2011 6:28 pm


    I would like to say, The Sutton Community Council Voted for the Usibelli’s Wishbone Project. “Great Job Residents of Sutton a coal town of it own!!!

    *Usibelli Strip and Dig away bring on the local Jobs!!

    PS: I BCC’ed everyone in my address book “Have a great day!!

    Earl L Houser

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