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Chickaloon Coal Leases Announced

October 27, 2011

The Alaska Mental Health Trust is trying to Drive Us Crazy Again!

The Alaska Mental Health Trust is offering 11,487 acres for lease in Chickaloon for coal exploration . Exploration drilling could begin as early as this winter.

What can coal mining do to Chickaloon?

– Destroy our clean air and plentiful water supply
– Change our trails into roads for 50 ton coal trucks
– Spoil our quality of life
– Decimate the area moose populations
– Shrink our property values
– Ruin the local businesses that depend on a clean and peaceful environment

Click here to learn more at the Castle Mountain Coalition’s website.

This is not just a local issue. The proposed lease is in the Mat Valley Moose Range. Coal mining could ruin important wildlife habitat, wetlands, hunting and recreation. Four major trails (King River, Permanente, Chickaloon-Knik-Nelchina, and Chickaloon River) could potentially be used as access roads. New roads may also be built into the backcountry.

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Click here to send a note to the Mental Health Trust.

Click here to let the Alaska Mental Health Trust know what you think about the prospect of coal mining in Chickaloon.


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