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Sign the Petition: Protect our Families and Property

June 22, 2012

The Mat-Su Valley is a growing and vibrant community filled with many economic opportunities, abundant hunting, fishing, and recreational access.   But the negative impacts of the proposed coal mining projects in the Matanuska Moose Range would change all of that.

Thousands of families live within miles of the 3 proposed mines spanning 20,000 acres of the Matanuska Valley, and will be disturbed by the constant blasting, toxic coal dust, and hundreds of trucks that will congest our roads. We have already started to see the negative economic impacts with banks denying home loans.

But the impacts won’t be felt by only those living close to the mines.  After the coal is mined it will be trucked through our communities to be exported overseas, adding double-load trucks to our already busy roads.  The negative impacts and the burden of the mines will be spread across the entire Mat-Su.

Please help protect our families and our property by saying “no” to coal development in the Matanuska Valley.  Sign this petition to Governor Parnell today.



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