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Chickaloon Resident Takes a Stand

June 29, 2012

In response to rumors that Riversdale Alaska is crossing private property without permission to access the coal mine lease area, long time Chickaloon resident Charlie Lone Wolf chose to take matters into his own hands.

By legally felling trees on his own property, Charlie has effectively created a detour route that goes past his front door. This ensures Riversdale Alaska or any of its partners won’t be able to sneak by unnoticed.

Charlie’s action is a creative example of how local residents can protect their private property rights and stand up to a company that is trying to get by without obtaining legal access to the lease area.

You too can take a stand!

If you are a Chickaloon resident and have decided to take a stand to protect your land and family, tell us about it!

Email us at and tell us your story.  Don’t forget the photos!


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