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Chickaloon Coal Leases

Castle Mountain. Photo courtesy of Tim Leach.

Riversdale Alaska wants to turn 10,000 acres at the base of Castle Mountain in Chickaloon into a coal mine.

Riversdale Alaska, a foreign company, has applied for an exploration permit for leases it obtained from the Alaska Mental Health Trust.  Riversdale Alaska is new company created by the same people who owned Riverdale Resources before they sold their last mining project to Rio Tinto, considered one of the most unethical and irresponsible mining companies in the world.

Exploration is the first step to mining.  The community of Chickaloon has previously opposed coal development, and this proposed exploration would not be in the best interest of the community.

Concerns with the exploration permit are outlined below:

Access – The access points that Riversdale Alaska has proposed to use will jeopardize the safety of the community and impact their quality of life.  Both Chickaloon River Road and Fish Lake Road are heavily used by the community.

Drilling Material – Riversdale Alaska doesn’t have a good plan for what they will do with the material they will take out of their drill holes.   Large cutting piles impact the beautiful views, berry patches and wildlife of Chickaloon.  If a permit is granted, DNR should also ensure that Riversdale Alaska is properly disposing of their drilling mud when core holes are drilled so that it does not impact the water, wildlife,  and people of Chickaloon.

Historical and present use of the land –  Given that exploration will occur in areas the Ahtna people traveled through and used for thousands of years, and continue to use today, DNR must do a comprehensive analysis of the lease area to identify cultural sites and comprehensive health impact assessment before issuing any permits to Riversdale Resources.

This latest attempt by a foreign mining company to turn our healthy, prosperous community into a dusty, impoverished coal district is too much.  


If you share our concern, get involved.  Talk to your neighbors.  Click here to join the Mat Valley Coalition.

Map of the Chickaloon coal leases.

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