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Changing Tide

August 22, 2012

It seems that the message of multiple concerns over the three coal mining developments in the Mat-Su are finally starting to wake up the leadership in the Mat Su Borough.

Amazingly, just this last Saturday, Wasilla Mayor Vern Rupright took the time to not only pencil out the math regarding coal transportation in the  Valley, but then write about his conclusions to the Frontiersman.

Check out what conservative Rupright has to say about the potential impacts of coal mining!

Coal transport questions need answers


Chickaloon Resident Takes a Stand

June 29, 2012

In response to rumors that Riversdale Alaska is crossing private property without permission to access the coal mine lease area, long time Chickaloon resident Charlie Lone Wolf chose to take matters into his own hands.

By legally felling trees on his own property, Charlie has effectively created a detour route that goes past his front door. This ensures Riversdale Alaska or any of its partners won’t be able to sneak by unnoticed.

Charlie’s action is a creative example of how local residents can protect their private property rights and stand up to a company that is trying to get by without obtaining legal access to the lease area.

You too can take a stand!

If you are a Chickaloon resident and have decided to take a stand to protect your land and family, tell us about it!

Email us at and tell us your story.  Don’t forget the photos!

Stand Up and Speak Out!

June 27, 2012

Lisa Rae Stevenson, a long time Chickaloon resident, is a mother fighting to hold Riversdale Alaska accountable for their promises to local homeowners.  In response to recent helicopter traffic over her home and farm, Lisa sent the following letter to Riversdale Alaska representatives, Assembly members, and other media outlets.

This is what she had to say:

Hi, I’m writing to lodge a formal complaint about helicopter traffic associated with your project in Chickaloon. My land is the big square that acts like a peninsula into the holding.

I have lived here year-round for more than 16 years and am raising small children, in addition to free ranging livestock. My husband and I own and operate a commercial air taxi and big-game guiding business.

Russ Dann told us at the last community council meeting that private property would not be flown over. In the last two or three days, my home has been flown over at low altitudes at least a half dozen times.

The last time it was way too low, maybe 100 feet above the treetops and directly over my cabin and farm. I filed a report with the FAA right away and will not stand for this.

I promise that I will do everything I can to keep you from destroying our neighborhood and way of life. You would do best to follow up on your promises. Keep away from our home.

Lisa Stevenson, Chickaloon


This is a picture of a Riversdale helicopter flying over private property in Chickaloon:










Lisa serves as a great example of a local resident protecting her family and property against a mining company that chooses their own convenience over the needs of homeowners.

If you live in Chickaloon and are experiencing similar problems, speak out!

Email the following individuals with your concerns:

Michelle Johnson, Community Relations for Riversdale Alaska:

Russell Dann, Project Manager for Riversdale Alaska:

Warren Keogh, Assembly Rep for Chickaloon:

Heather Resz, Editor for Frontiersman:


Sign the Petition: Protect our Families and Property

June 22, 2012

The Mat-Su Valley is a growing and vibrant community filled with many economic opportunities, abundant hunting, fishing, and recreational access.   But the negative impacts of the proposed coal mining projects in the Matanuska Moose Range would change all of that.

Thousands of families live within miles of the 3 proposed mines spanning 20,000 acres of the Matanuska Valley, and will be disturbed by the constant blasting, toxic coal dust, and hundreds of trucks that will congest our roads. We have already started to see the negative economic impacts with banks denying home loans.

But the impacts won’t be felt by only those living close to the mines.  After the coal is mined it will be trucked through our communities to be exported overseas, adding double-load trucks to our already busy roads.  The negative impacts and the burden of the mines will be spread across the entire Mat-Su.

Please help protect our families and our property by saying “no” to coal development in the Matanuska Valley.  Sign this petition to Governor Parnell today.


More Time to Comment!

June 12, 2012

It’s true!  The deadline to submit comments to the AK Department of Natural Resources and Riversdale Alaska on the Chickaloon exploration lease has been extended to Monday, June 18th.

Don’t let this second chance pass you by!

Click on the Arrow to go to Take Action.


  Submit your comments TODAY!

The Mat-Su Assembly Chooses Profits over Families: Seriously?

June 7, 2012

Why is the Mat-Su Borough afraid to study the health impacts coal development will have on our region?

Last evening the Borough Assembly voted to protect a private company’s profits instead of the health of Mat-Su Families.

In a 4-3 vote, the Assembly rejected a resolution that would have asked the State of AK to complete a Comprehensive Health Impact Assessment on the Wishbone Hill coal mine proposal.  A Comprehensive HIA would have given Mat-Su families a full understanding of the potential human health impacts the coal mine could create.

With strong resistance to the resolution from Usibelli and their front group Mat-Su Business Alliance, Assembly members Ron Arvin, Noel Woods, Steve Colligan, and Darcie Salmon all chose to ignore the health and welfare of the residents of the Mat-Su.

On the other hand, a great big THANK YOU to Assembly members Warren Keogh, Jim Colver, and Vern Halter for thinking of the health and welfare of Valley families before the banks accounts of big business.  They made the right choice!

As we all know, knowledge is key.  The vote on this resolution was a chance for Assembly members to show they care about having the most accurate and thorough information available to protect the citizens they were elected to serve and unfortunately they’ve sent a clear signal that they do not care about the community.

But this isn’t the end!  The decision to do a Comprehensive HIA is a state decision so please continue to submit your comments to the state through June 14th.

Click on the Arrow to go to Take Action.   

Health Impact Assessment-Comment Period Extended!

May 31, 2012

A draft of the rapid appraisal HIA has been released by the State of AK Department of Health and Social Services. Out of the 8 categories of potential impacts, 7 received an assessment of Medium to High risk!  Even so, it contains many data gaps and inaccuracies that can only be fixed by a Comprehensive HIA. Please read the report for yourself and provide comments by June 14th to Paul Anderson at  Comment form can be found here: WishboneHillCommentForm.

Or, if you need more assistance with this comment form, go HERE.

In addition, the Mat-Su Borough Assembly is considering a resolution on June 5th that would request a Comprehensive HIA on Wishbone Hill be done to give residents a more accurate and complete picture of health risks posed by the Wishbone Hill coal mine project.  Let them know you support this resolution by signing this LETTER.

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